Dear Exhibitors,

Abu Dhabi Art Fair and KUNSTMATRIX Technologies GmbH streamline the process of applying and participating in our fair.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to set up your account and submit your art.

We look forward to your applications and hope to see you soon in Abu Dhabi!

Warm regards,
Abu Dhabi Art Team


1. Registration or login          
2. Add represented artists          
3. Upload your artworks          
4. Create an application          
5. Submit your application          
6. Pay the application fee          


1. Registration or login

You can log in at this page:

Please click on the 'Login with DCT' button, which will redirect you to the DCT login page where you can register and log in to your account.


If anything does not work as expected with your account, please let us know right away via email: 
We will get back to you quickly (normally inside of 24h) to avoid losing valuable preparation time.


2. Add represented artists

We recommend to do this as the first step, because you will need an artist to create an artwork in the next step.

Location: Artists > „+ add artist“ (or “+ artist” from the dropdown).


Please fill in the name, nationality and biography for each of the artists you plan to exhibit at the fair.


3. Upload your artworks

Unless your artist is creating new art works for Abu Dhabi Art, please only upload artwork images for works that you are planning to show at the Fair, as these will be used to form our Preview Catalogue at a later stage and will form the basis for assessment of your application at this stage.

We recommend a file-size between 500KB and a maximum of 5MB, saved as compressed, high-quality jpg.

  • Files must be less than 5 MB, recommended is ~2MB.
  • Allowed file types: png, jpg
  • Images must be smaller than 5000 x 5000 pixels, recommended is ~1500px on the long side.

Images are displayed with 72dpi resolution. Please compress/convert your images for upload and do not use 300dpi resolution. High resolution produces unnecessary large images and extends the loading time of your booth.


4. Create an Application

To create an application you need to have at least one artist and three artworks added. In the application you can apply for one or more fair sectors. These sectors have different thematic topics, for details please see the sector info page.


5. Submit your Application

After you have created the application, please submit it by clicking the blue "SAVE" button to submit it.


6. Pay the Application Fee

After submitting your application you will be redirected to the payment process. It starts with filling in your billing details and submitting them.

Then you will be shown an overview of the application, the billing details and the applications fee. To confirm the purchase, please click on the "CONFIRM" button. 

You then have the choice to pay with credit card or via wire transfer. Please be aware, that payment with credit card is prefered, since it will be automatically registered in the system and has no delay. Wire transfers can take some days to process, so please do not chose this option close to the deadline.



Based on this application, your exhibition booth will be created on our virtual fair platform for review by the Selection Committee. You will then be notified on whether your application has been successful. 



If you have organizational or technical questions, please contact us at .